About Us


At AutisminWorld.com we have dedicated our platform to serve and help the children suffering from autism. We have dedicated our efforts to help the parents and organisations that are involved in the autism researches and treatments. Our goal is to help the people from all over the world to eliminate and treat the behavior disorder of autism in children. We have created the platform in which the professionals, doctors, therapists, researchers, parents and other people involved in autism can write and share their experiences. Because their experiences can help other millions of people from all over the world to treat autism.


The vision of Autisminworld.com


Josef Bekkaoui is the visionary who created the Austininworld.com. He is a social activist, philanthropist and an entrepreneur.He has created this platform because he wants the people to share their stories, experiences, researches, just anything that can help the parents dealing with the child that has autism.


This is how we can all change the world


We give them that information and guideline so it will become easy for those people to treat their child and make their treatment worthwhile. The platform of Austisminworld is entirely non-profit, and we don’t intend to earn a single dime of a dollar from this platform. We are here to serve, and we will only be able to do it with your help. That help is your Knowledge, story, experience and the treatment journey that you will share with us and perform your social responsibility for the communities involved with autism.

Only we can do it, just we can bring change and betterment for the people all around the world, but we can only do it together. United we can bring change in the lives of the people who have autism, we can make their lives better. We can make a difference.

To have success in their long journey, and Autisminworld.com is all about helping the people to have better lives, the lives they deserve.






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