At the moment, there is no proper medical test that can help in detecting autism. Instead, physicians and psychologists are trained to evaluate the kid through this behavioral patterns and communication skills to judge whether he has autism or not. Parents are the first ones who notice any kind of weird or unusual behavior in their child. This is normal as parents spend the most time with their kid and pick up if their child is not responding to them properly or is not welcoming them with a smile or he is not making eye contact.

Picking up the signs of autism is the very first step towards diagnosing autism. Children show early signs of autism between 12 to 18 months or they usually show signs between 2 or 3 years. Normal children show a lot of interest in their parents and siblings and welcome them with smiles or make noise to grab their attention. Moreover, their gaze follows you everywhere you go, to make sure that they are seeing you and are looking forward to achieve your consideration. But if your kid does not do such things and are behaving opposite of this, then you need to pay attention to their behavioral patterns and pick on what they are doing. This is the first step toward diagnosing your child, thus you need to be smart.

If you think something does not seem right with your kid, then you need to see a doctor for it obviously. A team of doctors who are specifically trained for evaluating your child’s behavior do so by sitting together and working on your kids behavioral patterns. Speech and language specialists are also a part of this team to see whether your child’s communicating power is strong or not. A lot of doctors recommend proper genetic testing as well. Although medical tests do not unveil autism but it is considered as a helpful element in the diagnosis of autism. Screening for sleeping disorders and depression can also be very helpful in diagnosing a child.

It is very rare but sometimes in life, autism can be discovered very late too. Autism can be caused by the difficulties that a person faces in their emotional life. However, the process of diagnosis remains the same. A proper consultation with a physician, psychologist and an interview with a specialist can be helpful if you discover issues later on in life. Many times, when the diagnosis is done later in life, it brings in a lot of relief to the person as they have been exhausted due to trying their best to socialize. As they were unable before diagnosis to understand the reason behind their failed attempts and endless challenges, it is quite relieving for them to have a cause for their behavior. This also opens them up to different treatment options and therapies that can make life better and easier for them.



At the end, to enhance the quality of life over all, for children who have autism, it is very important to address it. You, being the parent, are the very person who can pick any change in their behavioral patterns and decide that they need medical attention. Getting them the right treatment at the right time can literally help them move around in world properly and with much more ease than before.

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