Frequently Asked Questions about Autism


Different disorders or complexities in brain development are termed as autism. There are different ways to characterize this issue as it brings in social and communication difficulties and challenges along with it. There are various queries that jump into the minds of parents when their kid I diagnosed with autism. Moreover, a lot of questions trouble different people just for the sake of general knowledge on this disease. Thus, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about autism, with their answers, for better understanding of the issue.

Is Autism Common?

Almost 2 million people in the United States get affected by Autism and around 10 million are affected worldwide. The rate of people being affected by autism has significantly increased over time, from about 10 to 17%. There is no proper reasoning for the increase but you can say that autism is getting common around the world as pregnancy issues and usage of wrong medication is being boosted during the infant development, which adds in to this issue largely.

What really causes autism?

There are different causes defined for autism but not one can be defined. Moreover, science or doctors have not yet defined any cause for this issue. A lot of doctors might just tell you that they have no idea what caused autism. However, with the passage of time, we have discovered that there are some specific things that do contribute to it. For example, taking antidepressants during pregnancy and lacking proper nutritional meals during this time can out your baby to the risk of autism.

Genetic combination issues are also considered as a cause of autism. Parents with a lot of age gap might find their child have issues. It is not just autism but this can contribute other medical issues to the child too. A recent study showcased the theory that women who take proper prenatal vitamins reduce the chances or risks of autism in their child.

How did my child develop autism?

There is no specific reason to why your child develops autism. Some people can relate to the causes that are base lined or blamed for the development of autism in their kid. However, some parents say that they do not have age gap and they had proper nutritional meals too. However, genetic combinations or pregnancy mishaps are not the only thing that causes autism. Environmental issues like maternal diabetes or a simple infection during the pregnancy can also be the reason why your child develops autism. As for now, there is no specific answer to why YOUR kid developed it.

How can I identify that my child has autism?

The basic issue with children who have autism is of communication and socialism. They find it hard to communicate with others or feel like everyone else does. Your child might not welcome you with a warm smile or not start babbling till 12 months. He might not respond to you like normal kids usually do. Mostly kids start exhibiting their odd behavior within 12-18 months of their birth. However a lot of children don’t portray it until they are 2 or 3 years old. It is always best to take your child on regular checkups so that the doctor can pick on any awkward behavior as soon as possible and address the issue as earlier as it can be so that the child development can be done accordingly.

Will my child be able to go to school?

Why not? Your child is born with the right of gaining education and no one can take it away from him. Kids with autism can gain access to free and proper education under the “Individuals with Disabilities Act of 1990”. Your kid’s education must be funded through the government. Moreover, educating your kid will help you in treating him as he will be able to connect with the world outside and built up different traits too.

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