Seth’s Story : My Family Was A Big Supporter Of The CBD OIL



Hi, my name is Seth and I have origins in Florida, and USA. My family was a big supporter of the CBD OIL and I had a boyfriend, but things were about to change. When I first got pregnant my boyfriend at the time wanted me to have an abortion. He asked me to choose between him and my baby. He from the start made it clear that he would not be a part of any of our lives, neither me nor my baby. He even told his family not to help me with my pregnancy because the child might not be his. Later he threatened to take my child away and said that he would raise the child with his new girlfriend at the time.

However, I was blessed with a baby boy. When he was born his father married someone else and I was the only care taker of my child. My mother helped me a lot through this time, if it wasn’t for her I would not have been able to work full time. she took care of my son while I went for work. Everything was going smooth and good until now.


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It was when my son turned 2 that everything changed. My ex-boyfriend and my child’s father moved about two hours from our place. Thankfully he was not granted a 50/50 custody of my son. However, he still came to see his son without my supervision however the visits have reduced from the day my son was diagnosed with autism. I think he did not want to believe that our son had autism. In the beginning I didn’t too.

In the beginning we all assumed that my child was just speech delayed mainly because his grandmother spoke to him in Spanish all day long and then I talked in English when I got back from work. I also did not have any family history of autism so the chances of my child having autism were very rare for me.

I lived in a small community and hence put my son in his first preschool for a few months. It was in his preschool that he was physically abused and labelled as noncompliant for not listening. He would come home and cry like I had never seen him before. I figured that it was probably due to the separation anxiety and a change of environment. However then one day my mother and I saw the abuse with our own eyes. We filed a complaint against the teacher, the teacher was asked to go home only for temporary basis and cameras were installed in the school. I did not take this but all I could do was to take my child out of the school. I put him in a private school but he was kicked out from that school too and the reason given was that the school did not have enough capable staff for a child with needs like his.


Facebook : Vivienne Hai

I took him to the doctor. He was diagnosed with autism level 2. This diagnosis explained all of his hyperactivity, his inability to focus, his dis-liking towards most foods, the chronic constipations and many others.

The news broke my heart and all my dreams of his amazing life suddenly shattered. But then I educated myself about the disease and the miracles that have happened with people who suffer from this disease. Now I am more aware as a mother and as a professional worker.

My son has been in speech, occupational, music and ABA therapy. The Pecs System has reduced his frustration towards everything. His life is now meaningful, he is not just a useless little child anymore, he means something to the world.

This experience has made me stronger as a human, as a woman and as a mother. Our struggles and hardships strengthen us every day, no matter how hard the world tries to make us feel unworthy or ashamed, we just need to keep moving forward. A lot of people came up to me and said that it was too hard but to me it was my growth with my son. He might be nonverbal at the moment but I know that his voice will be heard, if not today maybe tomorrow.

We need to make space for the people who are different in our society. We need to accept the Neurodiversity and that it is just a disease like any others, the only difference is that it’s in the brain and not the body.

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