Parents never want to admit the fact that their kid might have an issue, let alone have autism. It is really hard to pick up the signs and come face to face with the fact that autism is an issue that your kid has. However, if you come to realize that your kid has this trouble, at the age of 18 months at most, it is still treatable and you can help your child in several ways. The only thing to remember is that you don’t need to lose hope as a parent. Autism is now treatable and you can easily make your child learn the best, study the best and attain the greatest too.



Children who have autism start having troubles in three of the most basic and most used sectors of their life:

  • Communication issues
  • Flexibility in thinking and behaving properly
  • It gets hard for them to relate to things around them

Doctors find it hard to specify just one factor which triggers autism in a child. It is great if your child shows the signs earlier as you can pick on them and start treating him or her at an appropriate time. Here are some of the most common signs of autism that will trigger your senses that your kid might have this issue. It is always best to notice the smallest problem with your child too. If you notice any of the following issues with your kid then it is great if you visit a doctor and confirm whether he has an issue or not.

  • If your baby does not make eye contact whist you feed him or smile at him.
  • Babies start responding to their name after 4-5 months usually or maximum after 6 months. Make sure to check whether you kid responds to his name or not. If he does not respond to his name, it is a huge sign.
  • If your toddler or baby does not make noise to catch your attention then that is a sign of autism too.
  • Babies who do not show interest in people around them and do not try to play with others.
  • Your baby must be saying some words by the age of 16 months. If he does not say anything; you need to consult a doctor.
  • Lack of communication or proper verbal speech skills. Verbal and nonverbal communication troubles are a huge indicator of autism.
  • If the baby does not babble till 12 months, it is a massive sign as well.
  • No big and warm smiles and responses upon seeing you or someone close to them.
  • Lack of gestures like waving, pointing or showing some sort of expression.

Lack of social skills, communication skills and language hurdles come in various types and are indicted through different manners. For example, if you have to check your child’s social skills and you have doubt that he might be troubled by autism, then here are some signs for checking on it too:

  • Does not know how to connect with people at all
  • It seems as if your kid is unable to hear when you or anyone else is talking to him
  • The child doesn’t show any interest or happiness in sharing his achievements with others
  • Faces a lot of troubles in showing emotions and understanding others feelings’ too



These small signs don’t seem much until the condition gets permanent and hard to handle. It is always best to be finicky about your child’s actions and see what troubles him or what is not the tiniest bit normal about him in comparison to other children. These signs of autism will help you understand your child’s condition better and you can look out for help at the right time too.

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