The Struggles Of A Mother Of Two Specially Abled Kids


This article is a heart touching story of a mother who has two children with special needs. It is not easy to take care of children with special needs. They need therapies, medications and special care. In this article, there is an explanation of a story of a mother whose first son suffers from autism and the second suffers from anxiety.

Taking care of a kid with autism and Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder

Liz Winslow is a proud mother of two sons and a daughter. When her first son was born, his behavior was clearly different from other children of his age. His name is Tristan and he is 11 years old now. It was clearly visible that Tristan was different from other kids. Even before entering kindergarten Liz saw the differences. However, he was not diagnosed with autism until he turned 8 years old. After the diagnosis, his situation has worsened. His situation is not improving. Along with autism, he also suffers from Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Autism Spectrum Disorder affects the child’s behavior, learning, social interactions and language skills. ADHD impacts the growth and development of the brain. Its symptoms include hyperactivity and inattention. The kids who suffer from ADHD also exhibit impulsive behavior. Tristan suffers from both and his ADHD is severe. His mother gives him medication even before he gets out of his bed. Until the medication shows its effects, he remains as a non-verbal person. He is a child with a high IQ, but he refuses to do his work.

The physical disabilities that accompanied the special needs

He also suffers from a lot of physical disabilities. He has visited many doctors till now for various issues. He has gone to a feeding clinic, to a neuromuscular clinic, to a dietician, to an ophthalmologist, to a general surgeon and even had a brain MRI. He is also very skinny. Whenever his symptoms become serious, it is difficult to get him admitted to the hospital also. Doctors’ advice to treat his nutrition problem first, and then deal with his autism. Finally, they took a feeding tube for him, which helps him to intake calories.

Cohen syndrome and related symptoms

Cohen syndrome is a genetic disorder which is also known as Pepper syndrome. It affects motor skills along with brain development and behavior. Children suffering from this have unusually flexible joints and decreased muscle tone. They hang loosely when lifted just like a rag doll. There is no cure for this disease. Children suffering from this disease are also prone to infections easily. This is because they have a lower quantity of infection-fighting white blood cells. Cohen syndrome also causes severe vision-related problems. This disease is diagnosed in less than 1000 people worldwide. While there is no cure for this disease, there is therapy done from a young age. Tristan is also diagnosed with the symptoms of this disease, which adds to his suffering. While his case of Cohen syndrome is mild, what troubles him the most is the retinal dystrophy which comes along. It means that there are chances that he might go blind.

Taking care of a kind with anxiety and depression

Aaron, Liz’s second son who is five years old suffers from anxiety. He is very smart and has 98 percentile IQ. But he throws tantrums which can go horribly sometimes. In the first three years of his life, he never stopped screaming. He goes to handicapped pre-kindergarten now. He physically hurts people when he is anxious. Once he kicked his mother in her eye, which later got swollen. His explosiveness and outbursts were not merely due to anxiety and depression. It also contained a maniac component to it. The doctors say that he suffers from severe anxiety. Severe depression is also observed, which leads to outburst from time to time. No school in the vicinity is ready to accept Aaron in their schools. They say that the schools do not have facilities to contain a child who is brilliant but can be harmful to the rest of the class. Now he goes to a school which is 25 miles away, which has the ability to take care of this kid.

Blurred future of both kids

Liz also has a daughter Cora, who is completely normal while compared to these boys. The dreams of the parents to send the three kids to the same school has shattered long ago. All the three kids go to three different schools. Tristan’s case can be explained, as there is a history of autism in their family. But for Aaron, there is nothing, no history in the family. The parents did take proper prenatal care. They also went to proper specialists and doctors. Undoubtedly, the sons were born with great IQ and brilliance, but accompanied by disabilities. The parents have shown the kids to specialists and done everything possible. However, their situation does not seem to improve.

Liz needs work to take care of the therapies and treatments of these kids. But she cannot go to work, leaving behind these two special abled kids. She is looking for a nanny to take care of them. But hiring a nanny for these kids also seems impossible. One kid is barely functional and verbal. The other is difficult to handle. The third kid, the girl, wants to be away from home with her friends all the time. Now finding a nanny for these kids within the estimated budget seems next to impossible.

Welcome to Holland, by Emily Perl Kingsley

This piece of writing describes the pain of the parents of kids with special needs. She says planning a baby is like planning a vacation trip. You plan a trip to Italy, but end up in Holland due to some reason which is mostly unknown. When you see people enjoying in Italy, it pains you. But the only choice that you have got is to ignore Italy and enjoy the beauty of Holland.

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