This Strong 2-Year-Old Put His Autism In Its Place



Autism spectrum disorder or simply known as autism is a range of different behaviours or conditions that include repetitive behaviour, challenges with social skills, speech and non-verbal communication. But, autism also comes with unique strengths, gifts and skills. The very obvious to point out signs of autism start coming at the early age of 18 months to 3 years old. It can also be diagnosed at an age earlier than 18 months.

Ryder was diagnosed at the mere age of 2 years old. From a little child he turned into someone who seemed void of any kind of emotion. He was unresponsive to everything and was completely unaware of his surroundings. He found comfort in his own world and did not allow anyone in his space. When Ryder was two and a half years old, he started IBI, also known as Intensive Behaviour Intervention. IBI or Intensive Behaviour Intervention is a comprehensive treatment for children dealing with autism. This treatment uses ABA or Applied Behaviour Analysis to diagnose autism and then starts with the evidence based treatment. This treatment has gained worldwide popularity due to its amazing results.

Posing like a pro!


So, due to this treatment, Ryder started getting better. He became a little responsive, and starting with his brother, he began allowing people into his space. Then slowly he started understanding small commands like “get your cup” and he would get his cup. By the time Ryder had started school, he started communicating through his iPad and was able to complete any task you gave him.


Ryder playing video games like any other kid.


Ryder had been trying to get his voice over the past year and now has started getting his voice and words back. He loves going to school and even has made some friends. He even allows them into his space and play with him. He remembers faces and has also formed bonds with some people. After a year, Ryder is not trapped in himself and has started making his own memories by being his own person. Ryder is no longer a little boy trapped in his own world but, now he is an individual who is living life and creating beautiful colours and memories. Although, he is getting a lot better but, everything is not rainbows and sunshine. There are still some bad days and moments, a lot of them actually. Ryder still gets frustrated and throws fits of anger. He is still a bit unaware of his surroundings and has no sense of danger. He will not stay calm unless he is with his parents or at school with his friends. The family as a whole, struggles with his autism but, they remain positive as they believe that Ryder has autism and autism does not have him as you can see Ryder telling his autism exactly that in this video.


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