What Is Autism ?


Understanding Autism The bundle of happiness that arrives in your life after a long wait of 9 months is as adorable as nothing can be for you. It seems impossible to digest the fact that this precious being of you might have an issue, like autism. However, if your kid does show signs of autism, it is best to address it and control its growth at the right time. But to better understand the meaning of autism and what it really is here is all that you need to know about this disease.

What is Autism?

To define autism, it is a complex or spectrum disorder that brings along a lot of challenges in the social and communication skills. These bring in various differences and difficulties for the child as he or she process things slowly and run at a slower pace than the rest of the world. There are development issues too in the kid. However, autism can contribute some unique strengths and skills to children to, depending on the condition of the child. There are different types of autism as not every individual has the same issues when they are diagnosed with autism. The combinations of genetics and other influences and surroundings bring in a change in the autism troubles. The word “spectrum” in the term “autism spectrum disorder” relates to the high variety in the challenges and differences that autism can bring with it.

A child is said to show very obvious signs of autism between 2 or 3 years of his or her birth. In very rare cases, parents are able to pick on the signs within 16 or 18 months. However, this usually happens when the child is visiting a proper doctor on 3 or 6 months basis as a child specialist picks on any behavioral difference. According to many doctors, a lot of development issues that are caused by autism can be addressed or recognized before 18 months too. If you notice a little delay in your kid’s babbling or delay in him talking a few words (it should not take more than 16 months), consult a doctor. A delay in addressing the issue causes further troubles for the child and the parents too.

Children who are diagnosed with autism start facing a lot of trouble with communicating. Moreover, they take time to process the communication that others tend to do with them. It also takes them time to feel things or express their emotions. Many times, autism diagnosed people don’t show expressions at all which gets very draining as parents really don’t understand whether their efforts are going anywhere or not.

At the end, it is very important to understand that a child with Autism is definitely troubled a lot. He is very sensitive and is different than the rest of the world. He might feel pain with some smells, sounds and expressions. It is always best to understand what they are feeling pained by so that you don’t cause them more trouble.


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