What causes autism ? Science has not been able to define a solid cause of autism till yet. However, it is believed that this disorder is caused due to the abnormalities in human brain or the structure and functioning of it. According to research, the shape and structure of autism troubled children is found to be different than normal human brains. It has been a tough task to dig into what the real cause of the difference in the human shape and structure is which is known to lead to autism but it has not been determined yet.

However, after a lot of studies, theories and research’s done and put forth, there are some common things that come to the human brain in knowing that causes of autism. Which one might be the one, is hard to say or decide but here are the causes which are discovered till yet for causing autism.


Here are the top 5 causes of autism that have been discovered by doctors:

  1. Antidepressants:

We all know that doctors ban the use of antidepressants and a lot of medicines for a pregnant woman. The most common and highly believed cause of autism is that the mother takes antidepressants during her pregnancy. If the woman takes it within the 3 months, it increases the chances of autism in the kid by 80%.

  1. Age Difference between Parents:

A huge age difference between the mother and the father is known to contribute to autism. It can causes troubles in the brain development of your child.

  1. Chemical Pollutants Exposure:

It is best for a pregnant woman to stay away from pesticides and other chemical pollutants.

  1. Infections during Pregnancy:

Maternal infections are a huge thing and they contribute to autism a lot. It is best to stay away from cough, cold etc. to keep your baby safe. A little infection can cause trouble for your kid.

  1. Nutritional Deficiency:

Folic acid is a very important nutrition needed during pregnancy for women. Any kind of nutritional deficiency can lead to autism. It is best to seek for foods that proved you with great nutritional elements that you need during pregnancy. Ask your doctor to consult some for you too.

Research shows that most of the causes of autism are linked to the woman. A pregnant lady needs to stay very cautious of what she takes inside her as everything will be affecting her baby directly or indirectly. If you are planning a kid or you are pregnant, then staying away from antidepressants, chemical pollutants and infections is the best way to keep your baby safe.

Make sure that you consult your doctor or child specialist as soon as possible and address the issue of autism. Expecting mothers need to be very careful and take multi vitamins. It is a great idea to practice a lot of parental care and discuss with your doctor, all the possible risks that might take place and be cautious about them accordingly.

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