Yes, These Are The Things I Hear As The Dad Of An Autistic Child


Lou Melgarejo is the father of three lovely kids. His eldest daughter Bianca was diagnosed with ASD early in her life. Lou embarked upon a series of blogs called Lou’s land, perspectives that explored the nuances of being the parent of an autistic child. The blogs that he started writing in 2011 have struck a chord with other parents of autistic kids and moreover, invite startling comments from other people as well.

A slew of comments

Lou says that when people find out that he has an autistic child, it triggers a surprising slew of comments. For instance, some comments just focus on how Lou is a better parents and a better person for having the patience to deal with the situation. Yet other comments center on how these people would have been totally unequipped to be in quandary such as Lou’s.  Lou says that he has been unable to gauge if these statements are meant to be compliments or just a perspective on the cons of fatherhood.

The joys and pains

Lou says that no one can really understand what they are capable of unless that particular situation is thrust upon them. He says that many people do not comprehend how rewarding it can be to be a parent to an autistic child. He admits that there are those moments that are fraught with anguish and pain but the joyful moments can also not be undermined. Lou says that the bond he has formed with his autistic daughter is beyond what anyone can understand. This bond is different and deeper than the bond he shares with his other kids.

Father’s day with a difference

Lou says his family celebrates Father’s Day in a unique way. Instead of expecting gifts from his children, he tells them about how grateful he is that they are in his life. He also expresses his gratitude over the fact that his children have collectively taught him a great deal about life and its nuances. Lou says that he always yearned to be a dad. He says that while his family is not exactly the picture of his dreams, he has nothing to complain about.

An evolution of feelings

Lou says that initially when his daughter was diagnosed with autism, he went through a range of feelings. When first he felt sorrow, the feeling soon gave way to acceptance and becoming a better person. He says that Bianca encouraged him to become more empathetic and taught him to embrace unconditional love. Lou also was inspired to become a voice for autistic people and to air his feelings through the blogs.

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